I’m Back, Baby!

That's right! I am back! You may have noticed a bit of radio silence since May... my apologies. I had to work out with my company what exactly the correct policies were for something like this. I now feel confident in what I am trying to do which means... I can write again! It feels SO good to be able to talk about space again. And probably best for the sake of my family since they were my scapegoat for space facts for the last few months...

I have so much to talk about. I want to tell you about my trip to DC for the Humans to Mars Summit, which I began to talk about in my last post. And I went to Florida to see my first rocket launch, I made it into the local paper, and I sat on a panel outside the Capitol Building in DC. All were insane experiences that I will write about in the future. And I am not slowing down, my friends. Something about a Bailey in motion staying in motion...? I have big news coming up. In fact multiple pieces of big news. But I will wait so there isn't too much space overload at once.

This is a short post. But I was so excited to come back I had to write something before I went off to bed. There are also some major strides being made within the space community as we prepare to go back to the moon. And we recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! See what I mean... so much to talk about...


I promise to write soon. Thank you for all your patience and incredible support!

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