EQ in Space: Self Awareness

Step 1 of Emotional Intelligence 

Your first steps in growing your EQ and it all starts with reflecting on yourself. Let's talk about what self-awareness looks like, all the emotions humans can feel, and get some quick tips on how you can start improving today!

Space Tears

Crying in Space?

This week I had to have an honest conversation with myself about my emotions and how often I cry. Here is my life experience with crying and extreme emotions as well as a discussion on what that means for future space travelers!

Let's change the narrative on crying!

My Space Story

Meet Me! 

I am just your typical space nerd trying to figure out the universe around us. And more importantly, what our place in it is. Here is a little bit about me and the vision I see.

Let's Talk About Space

The Thin Blue Line quite literally refers to the edge of the atmosphere. It is made up of water vapor, gases, and so many metaphors for the expansion of humans into the vacuum of space. And that is where I want to begin! Everything about the unknown excites me, but if we want to get specific, this website is geared toward exploring the most difficult thing about how we are going to go to space, the human experience.

Humans are the largest uncertainty and the hardest thing to understand about space. We don't have any set equations or high tech models to work through human actions. So we are going to give ourselves a leg up on how to do space the right way.


Next Steps...

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