Isolation Blog

COVID-19 is Forcing is to Stay Isolated... Like an Astronaut! 

My state officially gave Stay-At-Home Orders and I took this opportunity to really start treating this like an analog mission experience. I am pretty social so I am kind of worried to see how this will affect a (hopefully) astronaut in training like me... Let's find out!

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On The Blog

My first short essay! 

I just turned in my first major assignment for my Master's program in Space Resources! I would love to take you with me on my journey. Click to read what I have learned!

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My Space Story

Meet Me! 

I am just your typical space nerd trying to figure out the universe around us. And more importantly, what our place in it is. Here is a little bit about me and the vision I see.

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Let's Talk About Space

The Thin Blue Line quite literally refers to the edge of the atmosphere. It is made up of water vapor, gases, and so many metaphors for the expansion of humans into the vacuum of space. And that is where I want to begin! Everything about the unknown excites me, but if we want to get specific, this website is geared towards the industrialization of space. That's right, getting humans up and out from the cradle of Earth. And we can't do that without crossing The Thin Blue Line.

Explore my site and let me to show you about all the cool things going on in space right now. My goal is to bring the same public excitement of the moon landing to this generation. This is the place to be curious and get nerdy!



Next Steps...

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