Bailey Burns

My name is Bailey and I love space!

It started with The Big Book of Space when I was in kindergarten, grew to Star Wars, and eventually expanded into my career. I am from Denver, Colorado but currently live in Tucson, Arizona where I work as an engineer figuring out how to keep humans alive in space.

I am an aerospace systems engineer at Paragon Space Development Corporation where we do life support (also known as Environmental Control and Life Support Systems or ECLSS) for extreme environments, space being...probably the most extreme environment!

All opinions on this site and social media are purely my own and do not reflect my company or any other entity.

My Vision

Humans are well on their way to space. Why not be in on this now? I am here to give you an easy way to keep updated with what is going on in the space industry and show you all the amazing opportunities headed our way!

My main objective is to use my personal enthusiasm to generate public excitement similar to that during the Apollo Moon Landing. But I want to make sure we do this the right way. As a team. With a deeper understanding and appreciation for the universe around us and our role in it.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics and Business from the Colorado School of Mines (2018)

M.S. in Space Resources from the Colorado School of Mines (2021)