Bailey Burns

My name is Bailey and I love space!

I am an Aerospace Systems Engineer working in Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) at Paragon Space Development Corporation. ECLSS basically means keeping humans alive in space. That is water management, supplying oxygen and removing CO2, pressure and temperature control... all sorts of things we take for granted here on Earth. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ('18) and an M.S. in Space Resources ('21) from the Colorado School of Mines.

My space interests involve lunar activity, space suits and EVA operations, lunar geology, crew dynamics, and psychology.

I do a lot of STEM outreach. I am a Rubik's Cube ambassador and have solved a Rubik's cube with ZeroG. I love educating others about space and working with everyone to create a future that is best for all of us.

I also am an analog astronaut. In 2020, lived in a simulated Moon base in for two weeks on the side of a volcano studying lava tubes. This was done with HI-SEAS. Since then, I am part of the Analog Astronaut Community leadership team, working towards uniting the analogs across the world for better research collaboration and support. I also am part of the MARES Analog team with a hopeful first mission in 2023.

Finally, I have a passion for making the space industry a better and more inclusive community than that what we have seen on Earth. I work as an instructor for SpaceKind to get people ready for space and to live a more powerful life here on Earth. I have great interest in the teachings of Zen and Taoism mixed with Western culture to produce a road map of the types of people we want to be in space and how we want to interact with each other as members of humanity and as Earthlings. This message is what you will find most throughout A Space Story.

My Vision

Humans are well on their way to space. I want to challenge the path we are already on to do that by bringing heart to our mission as well. It seems to be a consistent theme that the hardest thing of any space endeavor is humans. Whether that be crew dynamics, politics, program management... you name it. I want to offer you an outlet that brings everything full circle to the parts that make us humans and relating it back to you and your place in the universe.

We can do cool space things or we can forever change how humanity sees the universe around us.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics and Business from the Colorado School of Mines (2018)

M.S. in Space Resources from the Colorado School of Mines (2021)


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