The Rise of PoSSUM – Day 5

Look I know "The Last PoSSUM" comes before "The Rise of PoSSUM" but I can't not do the last PoSSUM on the last day and I don't even really know why the movie franchise did it that way so here we are.


I really want to tell you all about my day. But I am so tired. I spent way too long talking to Robert and Anthony about the meaning of life (ish). I also like The Rise of PoSSUM because I TOTALLY RISED (risen, rose... risedith?) TODAY. Remember how yesterday was totally wonky for me and I had a hard time and a great time and it just was... a lot? Today I got my mojo back.


I didn't work out today. I told Anthony I might not but I will definitely be getting up at 6 AM tomorrow. So I sleep in, get to feeling better, go to breakfast and we have an amazing lecture from Dr. Seedhouse. Even though I got more sleep, I was still falling asleep in his lecture. But it sucked because it was totally interesting. I am just that burnt out. I still got a lot out of it though. He did a lot of talk on the biological impacts of space and such. Brilliant man.


Then we went to the FBO (its the airport we got to fly out of) for my flight today. Ho-ly crap. So first we spent the whole morning studying and hanging out and being annoying Bailey. Then my flight came. IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. I can't believe it. I thought I was going to puke but (while I did feel a little nauseous) I DID NOT! The pilot was super cool and did some stupid cool aerobatics with me. We did a barrel role and we flew inverted (upside down) and he did a big loopty loop. He also did some insane banked curves and a parabola and just general stomach dropping things. I experienced ZERO GRAVITY (and got hit in the face by my rebel necklace) and 4G. I went all the way down to -2G. For those that don't know, what we feel on Earth is considered 1G. So I felt insane pressure and then literally no gravity for brief amounts of time. When I felt 4G I started blacking out a bit and I had to clench down and do some weird breathing maneuvers we learned.


Then... this guy let ME fly the plane. I know... what an idiot. I have never flown a plane and my first time ever I not only fly am Extra EA 300. And I did a barrel role and flew inverted and it was insane. I also may have forgotten I was in control and let it go... and the pilot had to be like "uh... you're suppose to be in control..." as we pulled to the right and down.


Overall... not bad for my first flight... but I have a lot to learn. But I have COMPLETE faith I can do it if I want now. The adrenaline rush was insane and I just couldn't stop smiling and bouncing afterwards.


After we got back we had a lecture from Perry Betchle, an incredible doctor who was a Blue Angel Flight Surgeon. I can't but words into what that means, how cool he was, how great of a speaker he was, and just everything in general. I will summarize his presentation with this: G forces are dangerous, aviation is bad ass, and live life to your fullest. And that your fullest might not be someone else's fullest... but it is yours.


We ended with studying for our test tomorrow in the lobby. It was fun and it showed me how much I really learned. If I just trust myself... I freaking got this. I haven't had this much confidence in technical things in... years. It was funny studying because it made me feel like I was back in college. But the group as a whole did not study like college kids did. It was kind of frustrating to me but we got the answers so we are okay! And I danced a lot. I got hyper. But you all know I do that when I am overly exhausted and excited at the same time. Plus it isn't fair... Dancing Queen came on... and I AM the dancing queen.


Then a heart to heart with my main men. I love being able to say stupid stuff with them and not be judged. Ugh. This experience in general was... not what I expected but more than I could have even known to ask for.


Gotta wake up in less than 3 hours! Woohoo! Good night!