In the Beginning…

In the beginning... there was a plan. Let's see if everything stays on track or not!

I started this blog for two main reasons (although there are hundreds).

  1. Give the general public a quick and easy way to look up what is new in the wonderful world of space.
  2. Show everyone what our future could be as we enter a new space age.

The focus of my blog is the industrialization of space. I can assure you I will get on random topics of aliens and black holes and other fun stuff. My main goal, however, is to make the it so painful obvious that we can go to space, that everyone can get excited for it. It takes, not only a village, but an entire species to do something so bold.

To me, the industrialization of space would look like humans not relying on Earth for all of our resources. One of my favorite people in this industry is Dr. Angel Abudd-Madrid and he talks about Earth no longer being a closed system. I will talk about this concept later, but think about it. If we can start outsourcing our needs to the solar system and eventually the entire universe, so many of our seemingly impossible problems here on Earth suddenly have hundreds of viable solutions.

And even better? This is a chance for humans to do it right. We know how messy and careless and destructive we can be. If we make it a priority, we can start a new age where we care about what we put into our solar system and what we take out. We can be more authentic with our missions and come together as a human race.

It is a lot of big talk and optimistic dreaming to propose a future like this. But if we never talk about it, we'll never get there. And that is what I am trying to do. Get everyone excited for these scyfy-like steps we are taking and invested in our new future. So let's talk about it here!

What do you think is important about the industrialization of space? Is it possible? What do we need to consider while we head in this direction?

And what do you want to learn more about? I love any new suggestions!

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning…”

  1. I just found your site. I too am trying to develop awareness about space. I recently went live with my online brand I believe that there needs to be as many space theme websites as there are cat videos on Youtube. It needs to be as much a part of human existence as social media itself. I read your blogs about your trip to the Space Symposium and I am super excited to follow your journey. As I am starting out on my media journey I am following as many big names and trying to find as many new startups (launched after Jan 2019) to connect us all.

    Thank you again for being part of a movement that started (I believe) when SpaceX announced a 40 cabin BFR that was going to colonize Mars.

    I hope you don’t get mad at me for posting a short blog about your website ( I don’t have much traffic to my website and only have 1 follower on Youtube.

    Mike @ Truly Galactic

    1. Hi Mike! Thanks for reaching out! I love what you are doing as well! And it is super important to come together as a community so I hope everyone on my site will see this comment and reach out to support your site as well. Please let me know what I can do to help! I hope space videos and cat videos reach similar views as well… and let’s not even get started on space cat videos! Stay in touch!

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